History of HAA

Historic Highlights of the Huachuca Art Association, INC. (HAA)

1967 – Several informal meetings were held by the members of the Fort Huachuca Graphic Art Division. Attending were: Dale M. Boatman, Eudell A Landers, Anna G Sticht, Alonzo Romero, and John H Chevalier and later other members of the community who were interested in forming an art association.

June 26, 1969 was the first formal meeting of the HAA with Dale M Boatman selected as president.  During the first year, two very successful membership art shows were held, a well-rounded program of instruction in several subjects was instituted, and a library of donated books was established.

June 1970 was when the meetings were moved from a building on Ft. Huachuca to the art room at Village Meadows Elementary School. Membership increased to 58 that year and some of whom are still members today.

October 31, 1970 was the first Annual Art Festival, with 300 people in attendance, including Governor and Mrs. Jack Williams. Members gave art demonstrations during the two week show. This show was open to the public, was eventually booked in May annually, and became known as the Open Show.

1971 was the first Art in the Park in Sierra Vista and had less than ten booths.

1978 HAA was incorporated, and the first ArtyFacts Newsletter was printed.

April 1981 was the first public school children’s art show sponsored by the HAA.

1981 The HAA has grown and prospered to the point of donating $50,000 to the City of Sierra Vista for the purpose of building an extra room onto the Public Library, eventually known as the Mona Bishop Art Gallery. (Mona Bishop was Secretary to the City Council, a great art lover, and a tireless worker in facilitating HAA business with the City Council.) The HAA had priority in scheduling events for this room but also shared it as a public meeting room.  The agreement between the HAA and the City stated that the HAA would have priority in the use of the room until the library bonds were paid off, or until 20 years has passed, whichever came first.

1985 was the first year for the HAA to award a $250 scholarship to Manuel Abriel.

1987 is the year the HAA renewed the incorporation with a non-profit designation.

December 1995 the HAA had to move from the public library to a new location, as the Sierra Vista bonds for the Mona Bishop Gallery were paid in full.

January 1996 was able to move into the Chamber of Commerce Building, 21 Wilcox Drive. Renovation was completed for the first membership show in the new on-going Gallery in February.

August 16, 1999 a special membership meeting was held where the members voted to operate the Gallery in a manner that would make it self-sufficient, or even profitable while maintaining the HAA’s service orientation to Sierra Vista. They voted to negotiate a two-year lease at 2608 W. Fry Blvd. and use the money available to fund it, after which to re-evaluate and decide whether to continue in this manner. They also voted to hire a full-time Gallery Director (Marc Brous) and raise the sales commission to 30%.

October 9, 1999 was the grand opening reception at the new West End Gallery. The new Gallery name was chosen by members submitting names for consideration by the board.

April 8, 2000 was the reception honoring the participants in the HAA’s largest Student’ Art Show held at the West End Gallery. In addition to the many ribbons award to all the participants, prized and certificates were handed out from the Sierra Vista Mayor, Tom Hessler and the Governor Jane D Hull. Students from 24 Cochise County Schools participated.

October 7, 2000 was the first year anniversary gala reception of the HAA’s West End Gallery and the 30th anniversary of the HAA.

May 31,2001 the HAA donated a framed poster of the First Art Show (1970) to the Henry F Hauser Museum.

July 31, 2001 was the day the West End Gallery closed due to financial problems.

October 5-6, 2001 the HAA celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Art in the Park. It has grown to 218 vendors and 20food booths operated by local non-profit groups. Ti carries a four-star top quality rating by the Sunshine Artists Magazine, which rates all major outdoor art shows.

2002 the new HAA Gallery was opened at 3818 Astro Drive, in Hereford Arizona. This gallery is open free to the public from noon to 4 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2002 to the Present the HAA has presents monthly art shows at the HAA Gallery and sponsors the yearly Art in the Park event.  The Gallery hosts monthly demonstrations and various artist workshops.

September 2009 the HAA Gallery instituted the Art Room where there are weekly art lessons for children and adults.

(Note: dates above are as accurate as could be determined from the archives.)

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