Edie Manion

Edie grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, and moved to Broomfield CO. When it was time to move out of the snow, the logical place was Sierra Vista. Edie left the banks and municipal offices well deco-rated with her paintings after 30 years. She has been drawing and painting all of her life and is mainly self-taught, with many wonderful teachers and workshops along the way. Beauty, color and design motivate her. She finds still life a favorite subject, and to her, a portrait is a still life with a person in it. Although she taught oil painting and composition to adults for 12 years, Edie‘s main medium is pastel. Edie has served HAA in several capacities over the years and is still a mainstay of the Association. Currently Edie is on the building committee, handles the info booth at the Art in the Park, and sits on the Sierra Vista Arts and Humanities Commission.

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