Jim Kidd

Jim was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1926 and grew up on a ranch.  On his ninth birthday, his mother, a well-known Oklahoma and Texas photographer and poet, gave him a small Kodak “Bulls Eye” Bakelite camera.  A year later he sold the first of several photographs to a local newspaper.

At the age of seventeen, immediately after graduating from John Tarkington Agricultural College, he join the Navy where he was trained as an aerial gunner, flying in both Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bomber in the Pacific are in WWII.  After five years of flying, he was trained in the photographic intelligence field.  For the next twenty five years, Jim was involved in the taking of both overt and covert intelligence type photography, and in the study of photographic imaging.

He retired from Naval service after thirty years, and became a Freelance Photographer, selling his work to newspapers, magazines, company brochures, and travel guides, both here and overseas.  These include such as Arizona Highways, National Geographic and Persimmon Hill, a publication of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.  He also has photographs in coffee books such as A Ghost Hunter’s Guide, American County Sampler A History of For, The Fire Engine, and Fire Engines, Guns and the American West, Winchester/Remington Arms, Arizona Social Studies Text Book, Grade 4-C, and many others.

Jim also did the still photography for the History Channel’s “The Buffalo Soldier”,” Wyatt Earp Returns to Tombstone” and Showtime at the O.K. Corral.  His photographs have appeared on international television in England, Germany, Spain and Greece.

Due to the diverse nature of his photograph (including Ghost photograph), Jim has photos of many areas of life and nature as it is today.  With more than two-thousand photographs in his collection, with another eleven hundred filed in the Vietnam collection held by Texas University in Lubbock, Texas, Jim is no longer taking photographs, but is deeply involved with displaying his work in various art galleries and shows throughout Arizona and in other areas throughout the nation and overseas.  He is also devoted to assisting other photographers and artists in finding outlets for their work.

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