Karl Hallsten

Ceramic artist, Karl Hallsten used to be a woodcarver in the Scandanavian tradition, but upon moving to Sierra Vista in 2006, he discovered the Pottery Studio@Sierra Vista program, and it opened him up to a whole new world of artistic experience. It was a natural switch for him to make, and it was also fun, affordable and easier on his aging wrist and hand. His love of nature is the inspiration for much of his work, and he has come to enjoy the forms and colors of the desert.

He says that he owes much of his enthusiasm for engaging as an artist to his fifth and sixth grade teacher. It was during World War II, and he lived in Portland, Oregon. “My school shifted from having us change teachers for each subject to a self-contained classroom. I lucked out and got the art teacher who used art and problem solving to teach almost all the curriculum.”

Other art forms he is currently engaged in are fabric arts and storytelling.

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