Laura Shannon

Laura Shannon

I was raised in a family of strong women artists, and art is as natural as breathing for me. I was brought up by my Grandmother, who was a prominent Oregon Coast watercolor artist, and my mom, who is an award winning Californian quilt artist. So, I have very big shoes to fill….

From the time I could walk, I dabbled in different art mediums, spending long days at the art center with my Grandma and many other artists of the Oregon coast.

As an adult, I felt I made my mark when some of my large, architectural stained glass windows were permanently mounted in 2 different city buildings in New Mexico.

But, as many artists know, sometimes life kind of firmly steers you into your chosen art form.

Battling grief and a very rare disease, I was driven into the world of woodworking. For me, I’d probably die if I was forced to stop creating altogether, it’s such a natural part of my make up. So, we adapt.

I enjoy the simplicity, form, texture and natural colors of working with different types of wood. My work is all painstakingly hand cut, and I love to honor historical as well as modern design.

Through my company, Dusty Lizard Woodworks, I love making functional pieces that add “usable” art to people’s everyday life. Something that you will use and enjoy at home or at work.



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