Lisa Stansbury

Lisa Stansbury is a Southern Arizona glass artist specializing in traditional leaded custom panels, fused panels and mosaics since 2009. She has always been a self-taught artist in oils, watercolors and charcoal, but after she served a 15-month tour in Iraq, she yearned for something new….and that new was GLASS! Glass attracted her not only for the beautiful light reactions, colors, and textures, but also for its unforgiving properties of demanding her patience and thoughtful intentions. Her most favorite genres are the southwest desert and anything in the patriotic realm. Once she accepted glass as her passion, she has invested in classes to further her skills with some of the most prominent kiln forming instructors, both local and international. She has won many awards within her All Army Art family since 2013, both in novice and accomplished categories. Lisa retired from the Army in 2018, after 25 years of service, and she’s looking forward to expanding her work in the local galleries and starting her new life!