Pat Dunbar

Pat is a native of California and currently lives in southeast Arizona where she is steeped in the native cultures and the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert region. After retirement in 1995, and then travelling in their RV for eight years, Pat and her husband Jerry put down roots in this magical area.

The years of travel and the years of living in the San Joaquin Valley in central California made her appreciate the special beauty of flowers which have become her specialty.

By combining lost and hard edges, wet-in-wet and dry brush techniques, vibrant color, along with intimate blossom views, Pat creates powerful, one-of-a kind, near three-dimensional painting. People don’t usually relate bold, hard-edged, detailed paintings with watercolor, but Pat loves to “push the envelope” when it comes to her paintings.

Dunbar’s artistic skill is mostly self-taught, and she believes her talent is truly a gift from God. Pat has also found that teaching watercolor classes has enhanced her skills, as well as providing self-validation. The joy of watching students’ eyes glow when they “get it” is a thrill that only the sharing of the craft can provide. Giving back to others through this classroom activity is very important to Pat

Besides her love of watercolor, other media she finds exciting are pastel, scratch board, and pen & ink.

You can reach Pat at 520-234-5193 or

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