Phillip Micheau

Phil has believed there was power in the pencil ever since he was able to handle one.  It became clear at a very young age that he had a natural talent for accurately reproducing, on paper, anything that caught his interest.

Saturday morning classes at the art museum and a couple of high school art classes were as close as he got to any formal art education.  He feels that his background in mechanical drawing and mathematics attribute to his keen eye for precision and detail.  They are two of the definers of his work today.  About eight years ago, Phil joined the Huachuca Art Association in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  There, being exposed to many accomplished artists, he really began to understand the concepts of fine art.  His continuous interaction with other artists, self-learning, and natural talent have brought his work to the level it is today. He finds great satisfaction in the enjoyment that other get from viewing his work, and relishes the challenge of getting better with every new piece of work.

Phil’s evolving success as an artist is evidenced by the validation of his peers, calls for displaying his work in area art galleries and other public places, awards won in local judged contests, and personal requests.

Colored pencil is Phil’s art medium of choice, but he also enjoys working in graphite and pen and ink.  Observing the range of subjects depicted in his completed works will lead one to conclude that he has the ability to paint just about any subject that interests him.

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