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I started taking pictures with a brownie box camera, truly a little black box, that was the black and white era of film, and only black and white. My dad would pack us in the car and go to Lincoln Camera shop in Wilmington, Delaware every week to see what was new, what would help create a perfect photo, so I believe that is where the interest in taking photos began.  He had a darkroom in the basement and we had photos soaking in the chemical solutions and hung by clothes pins of course on my mom’s clothesline in the basement.  Photography was a priority in my father’s world and has also taken the lead in my world. We were always being photographed and I am using the same tripod he had from those years ago.

Although I am a novice in the art of photography, my goal would be for my camera to have a voice, to speak out-loud. Through photography I’m hoping to inspire others and provide the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of wildlife, people, places and interesting things.  Having the good fortune to live in beautiful Arizona has allowed for many photographic opportunities.  A favorite of mine is to photograph flowers using macro allowing one a visit to a whole new world inside the flower. There is so much to see in a photo, and always a story to be told.

I find that using the tools of software to enhance or “alter” a photo is not only useful in correcting the photo but to embolden and highlight certain aspects of the photo giving a whole other story to be told, a creation so to speak! One must take the time to explore and look for the emotions that have captured by the lens and to realize the story the photograph is telling.  The camera truly has a voice and if you listen close enough, you will hear it speak!


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