Valla Miller

My interest in photography goes back many years when as a child I was given a Brownie camera.  At that time subject matter was limited to people, family and friends primarily.  My interest in using it as an art form is a recent development in my retirement from banking and credit unions, and moving to Arizona where the scenery is so close at hand.

Without formal training, I have through trial and error, developed a discerning eye for beauty and broadened my choice of subject matter.  My husband , an artist, had also encouraged and influenced my growth.

Digital cameras and the computer afford me the opportunity to make simple adjustments before printing. It also provides me with a continuing educational environment as I work with the media.  My work has been shown in galleries in Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac and Sierra Vista.

I have won several awards, the most recent of which is a first prize and best of show.

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